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Fugus appear to expand.

Copyright Akiyoshi .Kitaoka 2006 (November 20)

"Scintillating barnacles"

The white circles appear to scintillate.

Copyright Akiyoshi .Kitaoka 2006 (November 17)

."Yaezakura monster"*

*Yaezakura = kind of cherry blossoms

After gazing at a paticular point for a while, put the cursor on the image. Then the left half appears to be darker though the right and left halves are actually identical in lightness or color.

Copyright Akiyoshi .Kitaoka 2006 (November 10)

"Murasaki-imo wave"*

*Murasaki-imo = purple sweet potatoes

The image appears to wave.

Copyright Akiyoshi .Kitaoka 2006 (November 2)

"Rotating tunnel"

The tunnel appears to rotate counterclockwise.

Copyright Akiyoshi .Kitaoka 2006 (October 30)

"Rotating jerryfish"

Jerryfish appear to rotate clockwise.

Copyright Akiyoshi .Kitaoka 2006 (October 30)


Each ring appears to rotate.

Copyright Akiyoshi .Kitaoka 2006 (October 18)

"Three rivers"

(Illusion A) When observers approach the image keeping their eyes fixed on the central river, the outer rivers appear to approach the central one.
(Illusion B) Each river appears to expand laterally.
(Illusion C) The image sometimes appears to move horizontally (swinging-motion illusion)(1).
(Illusion D) Illusory orange streaks appear to run across the rivers parallel to bridges.

Copyright Akiyoshi .Kitaoka 2006 (October 14)

(1)Khang B-G, Essock E A, 2000 gApparent swinging motion from a 2-D sinusoidal patternh Perception 29 453-459

(large size)

(small size)

"Development of typhoons"

Double rings appear to expand spontaneously (optimized Fraser-Wilcox illusion)(1). When observers approach or move away from rings keeping their eyes fixed on the center, one of the rings appear to rotate in the direction opposite to that of the other (Pinna-Spillmann illusion(2)). When observers approach rings keeping their eyes fixed on the center, something like a star appears inside the rings and appears to rotate in the direction opposite to the apparent rotation of the inner ring (see Hatano's "Monkey 2004"; cf. Petrov-Popple illusion(3)).

Copyright Akiyoshi .Kitaoka 2006 (October 10)

(1)Kitaoka, A. and Ashida, H. (2003) Phenomenal characteristics of the peripheral drift illusion. VISION (Journal of the Vision Society of Japan), 15, 261-262.PDF Kitaoka, A. (2006) Anomalous motion illusion and stereopsis. Journal of Three Dimensional Images (Japan), 20, 9-14. PDF (manuscript but the same as the printed one)

(2)Pinna B, Spillmann L, 2005 "New illusions of sliding motion in depth" Perception 34 1441-1458

(3)Petrov Y A, Popple A V, 2002 gEffects of negative afterimages in visual illusionsh Journal of the Optical Society of America A 19 1107-1111

"Diamond Ouchi illusion"

The inset appears to move.

Copyright Akiyoshi Kitaoka 2006 (October 3)

cf. Khang B-G, Essock E A, 1997 gA motion illusion from two-dimensional periodic patternh Perception 26 585-597, Figure 1f

cf. Ouchi illusion

Spillmann L, Heitger F, Schuller S, 1986 gApparent displacement and phase unlocking in checkerboard patternsh Paper presented at the 9th European Conference on Visual Perception, Bad Nauheim

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