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My paper on motion illusions, tilt illusions and stereoscopic effects, has been published. <May 31, 2006>

Kitaoka, A. (2006) Configurational coincidence among six phenomena: A comment on van Lier and Csathó (2006). Perception, 35, 799-806. animations  PDF request to me new!

The images of the TOP THREE winners of the 2006 Best Visual Illusion of the Year Contest are now exhibited at: <May 18, 2006>

Dear vision science community,

We are happy to announce that the people have voted, and the TOP THREE winners of the 2006 Best Visual Illusion of the Year Contest are:

3rd prize: Gideon Caplovitz & Peter Tse (Dartmouth College) -- gThe Bar/Ellipse/Cross Illusionh
2nd prize: Peter Tse (Dartmouth College) ? gThe Infinite Regress Illusionh
1st prize: Max Dursteler (Universitatsspital Zurich, Switzerland) -- gThe Freezing Rotation Illusionh

The illusions will be posted (within the next few days) at:
Submissions for the 2007 contest are now welcome. Find the contest rules at:
Given the powerfully encouraging response from the attendees of the event this year, the contest will continue to be hosted in Sarasota, Florida.
We look forward to seeing you again at next year's contest on Saturday evening (6.30pm), May 12th, 2007, during the week of VSS.

On behalf of the Neural Correlate Society Executive Committee,

Susana Martinez-Conde (Illusion Contest Coordinator)

<reproduced with permission May 10, 2006; original letter received May 9, 2006>

Vision Sciences Society (VSS)

Our latest paper has been published in Vision Research, which describes our ideas of the mechanism of "Rotating snakes". <April 22, 2006>

Murakami, I., Kitaoka, A. and Ashida, H. (2006) A positive correlation between fixation instability and the strength of illusory motion in a static display. Vision Research, 46, 2421-2431.

The exhibition "The art of illusion" held in the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, had a total of about 1,291 visitors in 39 days. <April 18, 2006>  PDF

A new illusion was proposed in a meeting in Japan! <April 10, 2006>

produced by Midori Takashima 2006 (April 10)

produced by Akiyoshi Kitaoka 2006 (April 10)

The Noguchi-Takashima effect (the sumi painting effect)
A new illusion!

The regions surrounded by light borders appear to be lighter than they are while those surrounded by dark borders appear to be darker than they are.

Noguchi, K. and Takashima, M. (2006) "Watercolor effect" and Gestalt factors. Paper published in the 39th Chikaku (Perception) Colloquium (March 23-25, 2006), Takayama-shi, Gifu-ken, Japan.

Akiyoshi's comments: It resembles but is different from the Craik-O'Brien-Cornsweet effect and the watercolor effect. Dr. Midori Takashima is a young perceptionist, who was a student of Professor Kaoru Noguchi.

My newest design book "Trick Eyes Brain" has been published! <April 7, 2006>

Kitaoka, A. (2006) Trick Eyes Brain. Tokyo: Kanzen. (in Japanese)

ISBN4-901782-71-1 @1,280 yen (about $10)

Professor Alan Gilchrist (Rutgers University) will give talk in the Ritsumeikan University. <March 10, 2006>

"art @ IIT premieres the work of vision scientist Akiyoshi Kitaoka. His images challenge our visual perception by intentionally inducing misperception; images that appear to be much different than they really are. Thirty-six of the most moving illusions ever created; a perfect visual blend of art and science."

<February 22, 2006>

A paper on the skewed staircase illusion written by Seiichi Tsuinashi has been published. <February 8, 2006>

Mainichi-shinbun (one of the largest newspaper company in Japan) featured the study of illusion on January 1, 2006. <January 11, 2006>

This article includes Miwa Miwa's illusion design, too.

A Japanese puzzler & designer Miwa Miwa has produced an excellent work of reversible figure "FISH GIRL"!  <January 10, 2006>

cf. Richard L Gregory illusion  or  silhouette illusion

He has also produced impossible figures of alphabets.  <January 10, 2006>

Miwa Miwa's page of illusion designs

A paper examining the mechanism of the "Rotating snakes" illusion has appeared! <January 5, 2006>

Journal of Vision    Volume 5, Number 11, Article 10, Pages 1055-1069

Illusory motion from change over time in the response to contrast and luminance
Benjamin T. Backus
Ipek Oruc

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