Sarasota (Florida, USA)

I visited Sarasota, Florida to attend an academic meeting called VSS (Vision Sciences Society) (May 6 - 11, 2005).

since May 14, 2005

Lido beach

Hyatt Sarasota where the VSS was held

I presented posters of illusion in the Demo Night.

The post-hoc poster that showed the result of a survey, which examined the relationship between the illusion magnitude of "Rotating snakes" and age. The result showed statistically significant reverse correltation. PDF

The science museum 'G WIZ' where the Demo Night was held

Rotating snakes in G WIZ

Figure-ground reversible objects in G WIZ

According to Shepard's "Mind Sights" (published in 1980, New York: Freeman; Japanese version published in 1993, Tokyo: Shinyo-sha), this idea was first depicted and shown in 1984 in Stanford Magazine (Winter issue, p.37) by Professor Roger N. Shepard, who is a famous cognitive psychologist and studies e.g. mental rotation. Later, David Parker produced this statue version, which was (has been?) exhibited in Exploratorium. <August 12, 2010>

According to the Exploratorium, this work is called Angel Columns, and it was created by an employee of the Exploratorium named David Barker, and he installed it in either 1983 or 1984. <September 6, 2010> new!

A manatee

The scene of the world

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