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The relationship between the "Rotating snakes" illusion and age has been suspected. I examined this point in a lecture entitled "Psychology of Illusion" invited by  the University of the Air. Twenty-five students participated. The age ranged between 32 and 70. The items for answer were "Rotating snakes appear to move well" (score 3), "Rotating snakes appear to move" (score 2), "Rotating snakes appear to move slightly" (score 1), and "Rotating snakes do not appear to move at all" (score 0). As a result, twenty-four observers reported that they saw illusory motion while one observers did not see any motion (the lower figure). This only person suffered from the lack of three quarters of the visual field. For the visible observers, there was no correlation between the illusion magnitude and age.

"Rotating snakes" appears in a nice textbook "Sensation & Perception"! <December 6, 2005>

Jeremy M. Wolfe, Keith R. Kluender, Dennis M. Levi, Linda M. Bartoshuk, Rachel S. Herz, Roberta L. Klatzky, and Susan J. Lederman (2005) Sensation & Perception. Sunderland, Massachusetts: Sinauer Associates. Webpage

The posters "Mind Warp" produced by Pyramid have been authorized by us (Akiyoshi Kitaoka and Kanzen) as the ones including "Rotating snakes". <December 5, 2005>

Pyramid posters
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The science of illusion has been introduced in the English newsletter of the Ritsumeikan University (Fall 2005). <November 21, 2005>

My page new!

PDF (Fall 2005)

The cover

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Kitaoka's new paper on perceptual transparency has been published in Japanese Psychological Research. This paper has elucidated that the X-junction contrast polarity model can be explained by the algebraic model like Metelli's. Moreover, a new classification showing object transparency and layer transparency has been proposed (the right image). <October 18, 2005>

Stuart pointed out that the diamond illusion I referred to in one of my pages had not been created by them, but by Professor Patrick Cavanagh. <October 1, 2005>

Professor Tadasu Oyama and I (Akiyoshi Kitaoka ) received the first prize of the Imai Award (the Award of Illusion House) from Professor Shiro Imai, whose house has illusions. <September 22, 2005> The slides of my lecture

The Imai Award

The Illusion House (Professor Imai's home, Ohtawara, Japan)

I realized that the number of access to my site had been over 2 million! <September 17, 2005>

"Trick Eyes" in English has been published. <September 8, 2005> order

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For the Best Visual Illusion of the Year Contest, the 1st annual contest was held at ECVP 2005 in A Coruna, Spain on August 23. The First, Second and Third Prize winners were Arthur Shapiro and Justin Charles (Bucknell University, USA), George Mather (Sussex University, UK), and Dejan Todorovic (University of Belgrade,Serbia). <based upon Susana's email: September 8, 2005>

My new book of illusion designs "Trick Eyes Graphics" has been published ! <August 15, 2005>

The HP of my books has started in the publisher. <August 3, 2005>

Exhibition of illusion (in Japanese) is open now in the Komaba Museum of the University of Tokyo, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan (from July 16, 2005 to September 18, 2005). Admission is free. More than 20 of my works are exhibited. <July 29, 2005>


I examined the relationship between the peripheral drift illusion and age in a synposium held in the University of Tsukuba. The image "Rotating snakes" was used. Thirty-four people took part. Only one observer was old (more than 60 years old), who saw this illusion. Two young obsevers (31 and 38 years old) did not see this illusion. As a whole, 94% observers saw this illusion, which is consistent with the previous survey in VSS2005. But there was no evidence for positive correlation between this illusion and age, though data were biased because there was only one old observer. <July 9, 2005>

Kitaoka, A. (2005) On motion illusion in a stationary image. The 2nd symposium entitled "To know, record or explore 'kansei' 2", COE, University of Tsukuba, Tsukuba, Japan, July 5, 2005. Presentation (html)

The result obtained in VSS2005 (PDF)

A paper on the illusion of real staircases has been punlished in a Japanese journal. <July 9, 2005>


Reprint request should be addressed to Seiichi Tsuinashi

A paper on the physiology of the peripheral drift illusion has been published in the Journal of Neuroscience! <June 10, 2005>

Conway, R. B., Kitaoka, A., Yazdanbakhsh, A., Pack, C. C., and Livingstone, M. S. (2005) Neural basis for a powerful static motion illusion. Journal of Neuroscience, 25, 5651-5656.

A variant of Rotating snakes has decorated the cover!


My paper on visual illusion has been published in a special issue of the 'Gendai no esupri' (L'ESPRIT D'AUJOURD'HUI), which features clinical psycology! I suspect that this combination between illusion and clinical psychology might be the first in the history of psychology.@<April 20, 2005>

The cover is my Rotating sakura.

Here I has classified anomalous motion illusions into nine classes. I am sorry that it is written in Japanese.

Kitaoka, A. (2005) Principles of apparent motion in stationary images. L'ESPRIT D'AUJOURD'HUI, 454, 70-77.

The Nobel Prize in Illusion has been founded. <April 1, 2005>

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The chromatic White effect was the Munker illusion. <April 1, 2005>

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