Rotating snakes: Enhanced versions

The illusion magitude of "Rotating snakes" or related works might be enhanced by whitening the images.

since December 3, 2005

"Rotating snakes"

Circular snakes appear to rotate 'spontaneously'.

Copyright A.Kitaoka 2003 (September 2, 2003)

Explanation (the enhanced Fraser-Wilcox illusion) (PDF file)

"Advancing snakes"

Snakes appear to move.

Copyright Aiyoshi Kitaoka 2005 (April 27)

"Two-tongued snakes"

Snakes appear to rotate. There are a few not-two-tongued snakes.

Copyright Akiyoshi Kitaoka 2004 (September 17)

This image was created for a quiz book, which was not realized.

"Journal of Neuroscience rotating snakes"

Disks appear to rotate.

Copyright Akiyoshi Kitaoka 2004 (June 1)

Journal of Neuroscience Vol. 25, 23 issue (2005)  PDF (scanned copy)

Conway, R. B., Kitaoka, A., Yazdanbakhsh, A., Pack, C. C., and Livingstone, M. S. (2005) Neural basis for a powerful static motion illusion. Journal of Neuroscience, 25, 5651-5656.

"Rotating spiral snakes"

Snakes appear to rotate (the enhanced Fraser-Wilcox illusion*1). Gray concentric circles appear to be a spiral (spiral illusion*2).

Copyright A.Kitaoka 2004 (March 9, 2004)

*1 e.g. Kitaoka, A. and Ashida, H. (2003) Phenomenal characteristics of the peripheral drift illusion. VISION, 15, 261-262.

*2 e.g. Kitaoka, A., Pinna, B., and Brelstaff, G. (2001). New variations of spiral illusions. Perception, 30, 637-646.

"Rotating snakes 3"

Rings of snakes appear to rotate.

Copyright A.Kitaoka 2004 (February 25, 2004)

"Mini-rotating snakes"

Rings of snakes appear to rotate.

Copyright A.Kitaoka 2004 (May 1)

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