Today's Kyoto

January-June, 2003

A lotus flower in the Ho-kongo-in temple (2003/6/30)

Mt. Arashiyama (2003/5/9)

Monkeys captured tourists in a pen (2003/5/5)

Yae-zakura (kind of cherry blossum) in the Arashiyama station (2003/4/17)

The Togetsu-kyo bridge in spring (2003/4/10)

Cherry blossoms in the Arashiyama station (2003/4/6)

Ume blossoms in the Kitano-tenmangu shrine (2003/3/13)

Daimonji* with snow (2003/3/10)
*On a summer night, daimonji is burned up to say farewell to souls of our antecedents that come home during obon.

Ohinasama at a Japanese restaurant "Kitahei", Sai-in (2003/2/26)*
*In Japan the growth of young girls is celebrated on 3rd March, exhibiting ohinasama.

Snow on Mt. Ogurayama and Mt. Atagoyama (2003/1/16)

Today's Kyoto (2002) --- Scenes of Kyoto --- Kyoto illusion design

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