Introduction to Psychology

Akiyoshi Kitaoka (2005) Introduction to Psychology. Tokyo: Maruzen (in Japanese) ISBN4-621-07544-6

This is the first book I have written, including a variety of visual illusions!

since March 21, 2005

This book consists of 188 pages. The price is 2100 yen.

"Readers can comprehensively learn psychology through interesting examples"

Four color pages!

Enjoy the Kinkaku-ji temple in snow.

Visual illusions are fully described.

There are a few images of anomalous motion illusion.

Intruduction to Psychology written by Akiyoshi Kitaoka

Chapter 1 --- What is psychology?
Chapter 2 --- Clinical psychology
Chapter 3 --- Psychology of personality
Chapter 4 --- Psychology of irrationarity (religion, magic, psi)
Chapter 5 --- Cognitive psychology
Chapter 6 --- Psychology of perception
(where illusions are described)
Chapter 7 --- Psychology of sensation
Chapter 8 --- Psychostatistics
Chaptet 9 --- Psychology of learning and memory
Chapter 10 --- Animal psychology
Chapter 11 --- Physiological psychology
Chapter 12 --- Social psychology
Chapter 13 --- Developmental psychology
Chapter 14 --- Educational psychology
Chapter 15 --- Other areas of psychology (Criminal psychology, Psychology of art, etc.)

Clinical psychology

Psychology of irrationality

Handbook of the science of illusion
Trick Eyes
Trick Eyes 2

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