The four seasons in Japan
The illusion designs

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"Momo no sekku"*

* The day (3rd March) to celebrate the growth of young girls

Rows are parallel but appear to tilt clockwise (the first, third and the fifth ones) or counterclockwise (the rest two). Moreover, the rows appear to move horizontally.

Copyright A.Kitaoka 2003

"Halo of cherry blossom"

Each ring appears to expand.

Copyright Akiyoshi Kitaoka 2005 (March 18)

Cherry blossom in the Hirano shrine


*Carp-shaped streamers, which are raised above the roofs of houses to celebrate the growth of young boys on May 5th.

The oblique lines in the central image are straight but appear to be curved. In addition, the four disks appear to rotate.

Copyright Akiyoshi.Kitaoka 1998 (modified March 30, 2006)



Each sun appears to shine and expand.

Copyright Akiyoshi Kitaoka 2006 (February 25)


The image appears to move.

Copyright Akiyoshi Kitaoka 2005 (October 28)


Something appears to stream in the red paths.

Copyright Akiyoshi Kitaoka 2006 (March 29)



"Bamboo groves"

Rectangles are shaded in the same way, but appear to be different from each other. In addition, the moon in the right image appears to be yellowish, but it is identical to the leftmost green circle placed below the image.

Copyright Akiyoshi Kitaoka 2006 (March 29)

"The autumn color swamp 2"

The inset appears to move.

Copyright Akiyoshi Kitaoka 2003 (corrected April 12, 2006)

The Ryoan-ji temple in autumn color

"Dongurakokko" (The donguri wave)

Donguri (acorns) appear to wave.

Copyright A.Kitaoka 2004 (April 19, 2004)



"Welcome to Kyoto"

Ogi (pie slices) appear to move.

Copyright Akiyoshi Kitaoka 2004 (January 24)

"Rotating tops"

Tops appear to rotate.

Copyright Akiyoshi Kitaoka 2006 (March 30)

It used to be a popular play for children in Japan to rotate tops on the Happy New Year day.

"Rotation of hibernating snakes"

Each disk appears to rotate.

Copyright Akiyoshi .Kitaoka 2006 (March 29)

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