Slope illusion 18

Outdoor tilt illusion where an ascending slope appears to descend or a descending slope appear to ascend

e.g. Magnetic Hill in Canada; Wikipedia

since September 13, 2014

Mistery Zone in Yashima Drive Way, Takamatsu, Japan

July 19, 2014, reported by Akiyoshi Kitaoka

The nearer slope appears to be a descent, though it is an ascent of 1° (2%). The farther slope where a bus runs is a steep ascent of 5° (9%).

Copyright Akiyoshi Kitaoka 2014 (July 19)

The bus is going up.

This illusion point consists of a series of a crest and a sag.

Copyright Akiyoshi Kitaoka 2014 (September 10)

The driver stopped this car and shifted into neutral; then the car moved backward.

This slope appears to be an ascent, though it is a descent of 1° (2%).

This slope appears to be an ascent, though it is a descent of 1° (2%). The nearer slope is a steep descent of 5° (9%).

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A car


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