Illusions observed outdoors #5

since August 29, 2010

"Train approaching illusion"

A train of two cars appears as if it moves to approach the station.

Copyright Akiyoshi Kitaoka 2012 (October 1)

"Müller-Lyer illusion fin-out figures in the countryside"

Copyright Akiyoshi Kitaoka 2012 (July 14)

"Ascending escalator illusion"

This is a photo, not a movie, but escalators appear to move up. Yukari Hara, one of Kitaoka's students, published this illusion in her graduation thesis (Hara, 2011).

Copyright Yukari Hara 2011
(uploaded April 12, 2012)

Hara, Y. (2011). Scenic illusions in the Kyoto Station Buildings. Graduation thesis, College of Letter, Ritsumeikan University.


"Decsending waterfall illusion"

A white grating appears to move down.

Copyright Akiyoshi Kitaoka 2012 (February 24)

a remake of "Waterfall illusion 2"

"A shutter art in Akune, Kagoshima, Japan"

photo taken by Akio Kineri, Japan

Photo Akio Kineri 2011

Drawn by Sadao Kiyota

A list of shutter artworks of Akune


A flat pavement appeas to wave.

photo taken by Hidehiko Nakaoka, Nagoya, Japan

Copyright Hidehiko Nakaoka 2011

"A skull"

Tateyama mountains, Toyama, Japan

Copyright Aliyoshi Kitaoka 2011 (August 22)

Mikuriga-ike lake
(photo August 13, 2011)

"A man with a pointed nose wearing a hat with a peaked crown"

This is a picture of burning candles. This image was produced by Takashi Hishinuma, Design Psychology Unit, Graduate School of Engineering, Chiba University, and this image and this explanation as a face illusion, which he was not aware of, are shown here with permission of his mentor Professor Haruo Hibino.

Copyright Takashi Hishinuma 2011
permission August 7, 2011

The source

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"Cafe Wall illusion in a court of the Kurume University Senior and Junior High School"

Parallel lines appear to tilt alternately.

Copyright Atsushi Yoshikawa 2011 (June 24)
from the president

"Keigaku-kan Bldg. illusion"

No. 20 of this map

Something convex is observed in the front wall, though there is no bulge.

Copyright Aliyoshi Kitaoka 2011 (February 2)

Something covex is observed in the front wall, though there is no bulge.

The covex appearance is accidentally produced by luminance gradient made by a light bulb.

"Takamatsu City Museum of Art illusion"

For the retinal image, the right convex-toward-us corner appears to be about twice larger than the left concave corner, but the former is physically 2.67 times larger than the latter.

Copyright Aliyoshi Kitaoka 2011 (January 20)

This type of demonstration was demonstrated by the late professor Richard L. Gregory.

Takamatsu City Museum of Art

Mr. Hirotoshi Baba, Akashi, Japan, emailed me of a new method to see an image stereoscopically using a pair of glasses. <August 29, 2010>

"Baba effect"

Any scene appears to be stereoscopic when seen through the pair of glasses off to some extent. Monocular viewing works, though binocular viewing is more effective.

Copyright Aliyoshi Kitaoka 2010 (August 29)

photo taken by Akiyoshi on August 24, 2010, in Switzerland, from a train of the Lötchberg Line.

There is a commercial product which uses this effect in Japan, but I have no idea who first discovered it. <March 19, 2011>

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