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The eyes in the left image appear to be blue and those in the right one appear to be red, but they are not.

Illusion pages in the world

Fool Your Eyes With Optical Illusions
<February 20, 2018>

Cracking the Code: Mind Sharpening Exercises, Games, Activities and More
<April 5, 2013>

Face artworks of Venezuelan artist Jesus Gonzales Rodriguez
<September 24, 2012>

<September 11, 2012>

<June 17 2012>

Wacky Eye Glasses – Fun Visual Tricks & Optical Illusion
<April 21. 2012>
<April 11. 2012>

<January 19,. 2012>

Mighty Optical Illusion
Much fun, though some imfringe copyrights.
<December 21, 2011>

Optical Illusions

<October 13, 2011>

Scholarpedia: Pinna illusion
<July 30, 2011>

<July 16, 2011>

Professor Arai's works of the titl illusion of repeated words
(in Japanese)
<November 21, 2009>

Felice Varini
Trompe l'oeil art
<May 16, 2009>

Optical Illusions and Visual Trickery
<April 25, 2009>

Still more excellent than ever!
<December 17, 2008; September 4, 2011>

Original CG & trick art
<November 17, 2008>

<October 23, 2008>

<July 4, 2008>

Walt's new page

<August 24, 2007>

Dr. Ashida's page

The home page of Japanese illusionists

Professor Mori's page

by NTT communication science laboratories

The largest libruary of illusion or other visual effects for researchers

Shapiro Perception Lab
This demonstration page includes new illusions and excellent designs!
<March 19, 2007>

Illusion Sciences: why are we surprised by only some of the things that we see?

Arthur Shapiro blogging on research-generated phenomena. A new illusion every week.<May 26, 2008>

The oldest illusion page (since 1995?) (closed in 2008)
This is a checker page. Jump to "Curiosa" (curiosities), then you will find a "bulge" of a checkerboard!!
This is a page of works of visual completion (illusory contours and filling-in). Click "VITE! LA SUITE" and click "CARNETS" or "DESSINS". I like "Cube 2" exhibited in "DESSINS".

Project LITE

The amusing homepage of Dr. Prasanna Tilakaratna, a doctor of anesthesia
<September 15, 2004>
This page includes illusion works of high quality.
<October 1?, 2004>

This page includes original illusion works and other designs of high quality.

<October 12, 2004>

This page includes a number of works including illusions.

<October 12, 2004>

The backscroll illusion
One of the top 10 in the illusion contest in ECVP2005
Kiyoshi Fujimoto, Ph.D
<August 8, 2005>

Herman's trick art
This page includes illusion designs.
<December 22, 2005>

Excellent illusion designs drawn by a Japanese puzzler Miwa Miwa
<January 10, 2006>

Dmitry Rakov's impossible art

<February 1, 2006>

Walt's page

<May 16, 2006>

Physicist Dr. Markus Ehrenfried's page
<March 28, 2005>

A nice illusion design page
<August 14, 2006>

Visual Fun House
<October 17, 2007>

Pages of researchers in the world

Professor Adelson's page

Professor Anstis's page

Optical Illusions & Visual Phenomena by Professor Michael Bach

Professor Gyoba's page

Professor Purves's page

Professor Roncato's page

Professor Ninio's page

Seiichi's 3D illusion pages

Professor Ichiro Fujita's page

Professor Pomerantz's page

Professor Pinna's page
<December 21, 2011>

Related pages in the world

(Mac's Picks of the Week)

& online exhibits
The most famous museum for art and science

Business Psychology (Poland)

Art Gallery Worldwide

Dino's works
<April 17, 2010>

Alex Fraser's paintings new!!
<September 1, 2011>

(Ritsumeikan University)

The College of Letters

The Department of Psychology

National dabase of visual stimuli in the RIKEN institute, Japan

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