Illusion designs from friends #5

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since May 20, 2007

"Kanizsa-Necker-Vasarely wallpaper"
Image winner for the back cover of the second edition of "Sensation and Perception" by Wolfe et al. MIT Press

This illusion won the competition to be on the back cover of the book "Sensation and Perception" second edition and combines three different perceptual phenomena. First, it uses bistable cubes, which have a long history in perception and relate to the Necker cube, to the art of Vasarely, and even to quilt designs. Second, the faces of the cubes contain a "breathing light" variation of Kanizsa's illusory contours, which raise interesting issues about the nature of form perception (Gori & Stubbs, 2006). And third, the perspective of the cubes has been altered, giving the impression that we are looking at the surface of cubes from an angle, demonstrating how psychologists have learned so much from artists.

Copyright Alan Stubbs and Simone Gori 2008
from Simone Gori, Università degli Studi di Trieste (UNITS) (University of Trieste), Italy (and Professor Alan Stubbs, University of Maine, USA), September 22, 2008

Gori, S. and Stubbs, D. A. (2006) A new set of illusions--the dynamic luminance-gradient illusion and the breathing light illusion. Perception, 35, 1573-1577.

"Triangular Ames room"

The Ames room is produced with triangles.

Copyright Serge Momot 2008 (July 12)
from Kazuki Maeda, an undergraduate student of Kitaoka Lab., Dept. Psychol., Ritsumeikan University, July 12, 2008

"Dark blue illusion "

After rotating the picture, the black seems as dark blue color.

Copyright Serge Momot 2008 (March 11)
from Serge Momot,March 5, 2008


Some parts appear to expand while others appear to contract.

Copyright Takahiro Chishima 2008 (January 12)
from Takahiro Chishima, Takushoku University, Tokyo, Japan, January 12, 2008

" movement in depth"

Bulging appearance alternates with receding one.

Produced by Yasmine Gharbaoui in 2007
from Yasmine Gharbaoui, Rice University, Houston, Texas, USA, November 7, 2007

cf. movement

The line appears to expand or contract (Kenkel, 1913).

Kenkel, F. (1913) Untersuchungen über der Zusammenhang zwischen Erscheinungsgrösse und Erscheinungsbewegung bei einigen sogenannten optischen Täuschungen. Zeitschrift für Psychologie, 67, 358-449.

"Fractal spiral illusion"

Concentric rings made up of fractal islands appear to form spirals.

Copyright Hitoshi & Shinobu Arai 2007
from Professor Hitoshi Arai, Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences, University of Tokyo, October 4, 2007

"Curved Pyramid"

There appears to be a curved line on the pyramid at the edges of the white backward 'Ls' where they turn black and also a straight line where the corners of each 'L' point in the same direction.

Copyright Emma 2007
from Emma Ogborn, England, July 30, 2007

"Owl Eyes"

Stare at the centre of the red eye for 30 seconds. Then stare at the centre of the white eye. The white appears to be turquoise.

Copyright Emma 2007
from Emma Ogborn, England, July 28, 2007

Akiyoshi's comment: What an excellent demonstration of negative afterimage!

"Jo-chu-ge letter-row spiral illusion"

Concentric rings of Chinese characters appear to be spirals a little. In addition, they appear to rotate a little.

Copyright Makoto Ichikawa 2007
from Makoto Ichikawa, Chiba University, Chiba, Japan, July 2, 2007

"VSS 2007 Logo"


According to Simone, this logo is composed by two illusions of him, Kai (Hamburger) and Professor Alan Stubbs: The Rotating Tilted Lines (Perception 2006, 35 853-857) and The Breathing Light (Perception 2006, 35 1573-1577), moving back and forward in front of the image will elicit the illusory effects. "I'm happy to inform you that the 2007 VSS logo that will be on the bags and on the t-shirts (news of this year), was made by me and by Prof. Alan Stubbs!" (in email received April 5)

Copyright Simone Gori and Alan Stubbs 2007
from Simone Gori, Università degli Studi di Padova (UNIPD) (University of Padua), Italy and Professor Alan Stubbs, University of Maine, USA, May 20, 2007

Akiyoshi's comment: Excellent! There were so many VSS attendees who had a bag with this logo (see below) and walked around the downtown that Sarasota people asked us where they could get the bag.

Akiyoshi's comment 2: Actually, I also submitted a work to the logo contest.The applied design is shown below, where color illusion is exhibited.

"My submitted work for VSS 2007 Logo "

The reds of "VSS" are the same color or the blue and green of "2007" are the same color. This illusion is the "chromatic" dungeon illusion.

Copyright Akiyoshi Kitaoka 2007 (February 12)

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