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since August 21, 2011

Demo of Kokichi Sugihara's impossible motion @Gifu City Science Museum (movie)


<August 4, 2014>

"Snake and Akiyoshi"

This trompe l'oiel is exhibited in the Uzmasa Trick Art Meikyukan in the Toei Kyoto Studio Park, Kyoto Japan.

photo Akiyoshi Kitaoka 2012 (November 7)

Ames room in the Uzmasa Trick Art Meikyukan in the Toei Kyoto Studio Park, Kyoto Japan.

Reference of the Ames room

Chapter 13 The distorted room demonstrations (pp.183-196)

13A (pp.184-187) Monocular rooms: Laboraory size
13B (pp.188-189) Monocular room: Full size
13C (pp.190-193) Monocular rooms: The Architect's room
13D (pp.194-196) The binocular distorted rooms

"Fake lake"

This lake is a fake.

copyright Akiyoshi Kitaoka 2012 (July 18)

"Liechtenstein google-map illusion"

A flat land appears to be corrugated.

produced Akiyoshi Kitaoka 2012 (July 15)

Artists of trompe l'oeil

Regina Silveira <April 8, 2013>

Surrealism and Visionary art: Oleg Shuplyak <December 21, 2011>

Octavio Ocampo El arte de Octavio Ocampo <December 21, 2011>

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Giuseppe Arcimboldo<December 22, 2011>

歌川国芳 <December 22, 2011>

Salvador Dali <December 22, 2011>

René Magritte <December 22, 2011>

Thanks to Hagura sensei, Jasmina, and all students of the Thema Research Seminar (2010-2011) entitled "Kyoto Trick Designs and Psychology"

"Akiyoshi Kitaoka who is swallowing the fall"

This fall is called "Shomyo-taki" located in Tateyama, Toyama, Japan.

Copyright Akiyoshi Kitaoka 2011 (August 21)


"Kinkaku reverspective"

Depth orientation of folds appears to be reversed.

Copyright Akiyoshi Kitaoka 2011 (August 22)

For "Reverspective", see artworks of Patrick Hugh. In Japan, professor Norman Cook in the Kansai University studies the phenomenon.

The development
(Click this image and a high-resolution file is downloaded (November 12, 2013))

a simple version

Copyright Akiyoshi Kitaoka 2014 (March 5)

Shorter sides appear to be valley folds, though they are actually mountain folds.

Copyright Akiyoshi Kitaoka 2014 (April 5)

Copyright Akiyoshi Kitaoka 2014 (April 12)

<January 3, 2013>

Dear XYZ,
My name is Akiyoshi KItaoka, one of the committee members of Visiome Platform.
The dragon illusion is one of the commercial creations of
In general, this kind of illusion can be called “reverspective”. There are
at least two types of reverspective. One type is a trompe l’oeil which uses
line perspective, e.g. the Ames trapezoid, Patrick Huges’ artworks,
or my production shown below. Usually, “reverspective” refers to
this type.

"Illusory cube"

This physically concave object tends to appear to be convex.

Copyright Akiyoshi Kitaoka 2011 (July 1)

the development

high-resolution file
The other type is called ‘’hollow face illusion”, a phenomenon that a concave mask appears to be a convex face.
This illusion is thought to be specific to face percpetion.

I imagine these two types of reverspective cooperatively play a role in the dragon illusion,
though I do not know any research articles which discussed this point.
Best regards,
(reply to a question from French students)


Rob Gonsalves's works and Photographer Erik Johansson's!

(Thanks to Karlos Calonge and Rick Vz)

<June 5, 2016>

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