Black holes

for Bruno

since July 14, 2021

A list of 24 test stimuli

produced by Akiyoshi Kitaoka 2021 (July 14)

Below: test stimuli and control stimuli (images created by scrambling test stimuli five million times) (1680 x 1050 pixel for each)

cf. (combinations of black and white)

論文が出ました! Our new paper has been published!

This research shows that pupils dilate when they see an optical illusion in which a black fog-like object appears to expand.

Laeng, B., Nabil, S. & Kitaoka, A. (2022). The eye pupil adjusts to illusorily expanding holes. Frontier Human Neuroscience, 16:877249. doi: 10.3389/fnhum.2022.877249

<May 31, 2022>


Q01. Was the expanding hole illusion already known in the scientific community before the present study, or was it specifically developed by you for this paper?

This image was not known in the science community before our study
because it was only exhibited in my website

The image is an elaborate work of the motion illusion proposed by
Kouki Fukiwara Fujiwara, a Japanese designer, in a meeting of a color society
in 2018.
(藤原功基・松田博子・北岡明佳 (2018) 新しい動く錯視図形の提案 平成29年度日本色彩学会関西支部大会 大阪電気通信大学 駅前キャンパス・2018年3月3日(土) (ポスター発表) Poster (png) Poster large (png) Fukiwara2018.pdf

Before us, “Gothic Flying Bat” painted by Gianni Sarcone, an artist,
who uploaded it on November 26th, 2013, might be the first instance
of this type of illusion. But I did not know it until recently.

“Ink blots illusion” produced by Eiji Watanabe in 2018
I think it also precedes the expanding hole illusion.

<May 27, 2022>


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