Barber-pole illusion

since April 13, 2012

barber-pole illusion

Wallach, H. (1935) Über visuell wahrgenommene Bewegungsrichtung. Psychologische Forschung, 20, 325- 380.

area hMT+ (MT/V5 in this figure)

from: Logothetis, N.K. (1999). Vision: a window on consciousness. Scientific American (November), 281, 44-51.

Stripes appear to move laterally if this image is moved up and down.

Kitaoka, A. and Murakami, I. (2007) Rotating Ouchi illusion. Poster presentation in VSS2007, Sarasota, Florida, USA, May 15, 2007. Abstract (MS-Word)  VSS2007 Abstract (including all) (PDF)

(Kitaoka, A., & Murakami, I. (2007). Rotating Ouchi illusion [Abstract]. Journal of Vision, 7(9):984, 984a,,doi:10.1167/7.9.984.)

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