Distribution of colors in the Yxy (CIE xy) color space made by Akiyoshi Kitaoka, June 20, 21, 24, 26, August 14, 2022, March 16, May 6, 2023

 central hue: deg (0-359)   dot size   

    <- shift    

 file name (header name) to auto-save   

Lateral view

auto demo:   step deg  interval ms  first hue deg 

View from the top

  dot size    

      図に以下の色の座標を表示(×)   R   G   B

 layer (1-100)  

Translator (no use; Use Yxy's)

RGBを指定(整数) R:   G:   B:

HCVを指定(実数) Hue:   Chroma:   Value:


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Vertical section (no use)

右半分の色相を指定 hue: deg (0-359)   dot size (no use)  dot density (no use)


画像をクリックすると、その画素の色を分析・表示します。 (eyedropper tool)

auto demo:   step deg  interval ms  first hue deg