Distribution of colors in the Yxy (CIE xy) color space made by Akiyoshi Kitaoka, June 20, 21, 24, 26, August 14, 2022, March 16, May 9, 2023

View from the top

  dot size    

      図に以下の色の座標を表示(×)   R   G   B

 layer (1-100)  

 central hue: deg (0-359)   dot size   

    <- shift    

 file name (header name) to auto-save   

Lateral view

auto demo:   step deg  interval ms  first hue deg 

Translator (no use; Use Yxy's)

RGBを指定(整数) R:   G:   B:

HCVを指定(実数) Hue:   Chroma:   Value:


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Vertical section (no use)

右半分の色相を指定 hue: deg (0-359)   dot size (no use)  dot density (no use)


画像をクリックすると、その画素の色を分析・表示します。 (eyedropper tool)

auto demo:   step deg  interval ms  first hue deg