Welcome to Japan, Kyoto, Ritsumeikan!

Jaan Valsiner of Clark University in JAPAN!


Dr. Valsiner, we call him Jaan in American manner, visits Japan in late January,2004.

January, 2004

20(Tue) Arriving 26(Mon) The nursery school of Myoshin-ji Temple
21(Wed) Ritsumeikan 27(Tue) Rits Lecture 1
22(Thur) Trip to Nara 28(Wed) Rits Lecture 2
23(Fri) Move to Inuyama 29(Thur) Rits Lecture 3
24(Sat) The institute of primate and more 30(Fri) Rits Lecture 4
25(Sun) Open lecture 31(Sat) Move to Hokkaido

*"Rits" is an abbreviation of Ritsumeikan


01(Sun) Hokkaido 03 (Tue) Farewell in Osaka
02(Mon) Hokkaido 04 (Wed) Leaving

Jaan's Photo Diary in the first visit to Japan

Everyday he take photos.

Jan 21 22 23 24 25 26 27
28 29 30 31 Feb 1 2 3

This funny photo was send to me before his coming to Japan via e-mail. His favorits!

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