SATO, Tatsuya, Ph.D.
Department of Psychology

Ritsumeikan University

Dr. Sato received a B.A. from the Tokyo Metropolitan University in 1985 and earned a Ph.D. from the Tohoku University in 2002. His dissertation is on history of psychology in Japan. He has been at Ritsumeikan University since 2001. He won the"Best Article Prize" of Japanese Association of Developmental Psychology(Sugawara et al., 1999). He is actively involved in JAQP: Japanese Association of Qualitative Psychology. He is an editorial board of Japanese Jounal of Personality (in Japanese), History of Psychology and Psychology Studies (in Japanese) , Japanese Journal of Law and Psychology (in Japanese) and The International Journal of Idiographic Science.

Current Teaching and Research

Dr. Sato's general interests are in the history, theory and methodology of psychology. He is also interested in social and cultural aspects of human development. Currently, his specific research topics include 1) acceptance and development of psychology in Japan, 2) developing a new methodology of cultural psychology, Trajectory and Equifinality Model(TEM), with Dr. Valsiner of Clark University in USA. TEM maps the individual histories of particular systems onto the wider general system of possible trajectories of arrival at the equifinality point. 3) Inter-cultural study on pocket money of Children in East-Asia with Dr. Wo of Beijing Normal University in China and Prof Kim of Daejin University in South Korea and many Asian scholars, 4) Forensic Psychology such as a wrongful eyewitness testimony. He is now interested in the history of psychology in wartime Japan and the ethnography of patients having chronic diseases.

Selected Publications(in English)
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Selected Publications(in Japanese)

SUGAWARA, Masumi ; KITAMURA, Toshinori ; TODA, Mari, A. ; SHIMA, Satoru ; SATO, Tatsuya & MUKAI, Takayo 1999 Development of problem behavior : Middle-childhood. Japanese Journal of Developmental Psychology ,10, 32-45. (Abstract in English).

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