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Japanese Journal of Qualitative Psychology

Since 2002

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Jiro Kawakita(Kawakita Institute), Tetsuro Matsuzawa(Kyoto University),
Yoko Yamada(Kyoto University)
Emergence and Essence of the KJ Method: An Interview with Jiro Kawakita

Katsuya Yamori(Disaster Prevention Research Institute, Kyoto University)
The Narrative Aspect of Story Telling: The way Disaster Victims Narrate
Their Stories

Yasutsugu Ogura(Waseda University, Tokyo University of Information
Sciences, University of Sacred Heart)
The Aging Society as Reflexive Modernity and Human Development: From the
Analysis of Middle-Aged Life Stories Involving a "Sense of Inkyo".

Masahiro Nochi(Department of psychology, College of Arts and Sciences,
Tokyo Woman's University)
The Meaning of Aphasia Constructed by a Person Who is "Adaptive" to
Aphasia: Its Multi-Layered Structure of His Narratives.

Yoko Yamada(Kyoto University)
Similarity, Transfer and Repetition: Generative Function of
"Musubi(Connecting)" in Image Narratives of Tarkovsky's Film "Mirror".

Hiroko Sakagami(Hitachi Family Education Research Center)
Internal Experiences of Mothers Related to Weaning: Foucusing on Factors
on Weaning Decisions

Hisako Shibasaka(Faculty of Human Life & Environmental Science,
Ochanomizu University), Kiyomi Kuramochi(Faculty of Education, Tokyo
Gakugei University)
A Case Study of a Girl Who Cried Frequently in Preschool: Personal
History and Personal Growth in Preschool Years

Genji Sugamura(Interdisciplinary Program(Department of Psychology,
Department of Counseling, Development, and Higher Education, and
Department of Philosophy and Religion Studies), Toulouse School of
Graduate Studies, University of North Texas./ Present affiliation: Ph.D.
Program in Psychology, Saybrook Graduate School & Research Center;
Toulouse School of Graduate Studies, University of North Texas
Narratives at the Critical Boundary of Life and Death: Qualitative
Psychology from the Viewpoint of Experimental Psychology

Yoko Yamada(Kyoto University)
For mutual understanding of the experimental psychology and the
qualitative psychology: A comment of Sugamura's paper

Takeo Saijo(Graduate School of Human Sciences, Waseda University,
Research Fellowships of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science)
Construction of "Structure-Construction Qualitative Psychology":
Succession of "Model-Construction Field Psycholog

Tomoko Tanaka(Faculty of Letters, Okayama University), Yoshimi
Hyodo(Faculty of Medicine, Okayama University), Koji Tanaka(Faculty of
Education, Okayama University)
Cognitive developmental stages of family caregivers for elderly people

Hideaki Matsushima(Graduate School of Education, Department of Clinical
Study for Development, Nagoya University)
How delinquent youths in juvenile group home come to be seen as
troublesome people: A study on the verbal interactions between the staff
and delinquents in social skills training sessions.

Masakuni Tagaki(Graduate School of Education, Kyoto University)
Constructing the meaning of "mild" motor disabilities from the viewpoint
of life-span development: The life stories of individuals between the
severely disabled and the able-bodied.

Takao Saijo(Waseda University)
The narrative of nature, weather, and season in face of death: a model
of the life story research to succeed previous hypotheses.

Yoko Yamada(Kyoto University)
Why people mention the brightness of the sky and weather at the critical
boundary of life and death: The generative cycle of hypothesizing and
analyzing data in qualitative research.

Tokushi Okura(Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies, Kyoto
Descripiton and analysis of various ways of being in adolescence.

Yoko Yamada(Graduate School of Education, Kyoto University)
The process of model construction based on qualitative data in field
psychology: Figurative models from image drawings of "This World and the
Next World"

Karoi Ando(Faculty of Human Life & Environment, Nara Woman's University)
Are participants in environmental movements self-sacrificing?:
motivations for participation.

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