Illusion Pop Art 4

since December 4, 2012


The farther car is a copy of the closer one of the same size, but the former appears to be larger than the latter.

Copyright Aliyoshi Kitaoka 2017 (October 3)


Columns made up of repeated photos of tulips appear to tilt clockwise due to the Zöllner illusion.

Copyright Aliyoshi Kitaoka 2016 (January 31)

"A false mirror lake"

The original photo is shown below.

Copyright Aliyoshi Kitaoka 2014 (October 9)

"Train face illusion"

These two photos are identical, but the 'face' of the left train appears to be larger in size than that of the right one. I imagine this phenomenon is related to the leaning tower illusion.

Copyright Aliyoshi Kitaoka 2013 (May 13)

@Kyoto station

"Cars and Mt. Fuji"

Among the three blue cars, the left one appears to be largest and the right one smallest, though they are the same size.

Copyright Aliyoshi Kitaoka 2012 (December 4)

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