References of neon color spreading

The neon color spreading is first proposed by:
Van Tuijl, H. F. J. M. (1975). A new visual illusion: neonlike color spreading and complementary color induction between subjective contours. Acta Psychologica, 39, 441-445.

Other references that are frequently cited:
Bressan, P., Mingolla, E., Spillmann, L., & Watanabe, T. (1997). Neon color spreading: A review. Perception, 26, 1353-1366.
Redies, C. & Spillmann, L. (1981). The neon color effect in the Ehrenstein illusion. Perception, 10, 667-681.
Redies, C., Spillmann, L., & Kunz, K. (1984). Colored neon flanks and line gap  enhancement. Vision Research, 24, 1301-1309.

I would be happy if you cited the reference shown below:

Kitaoka, A., Gyoba, J., Kawabata, H., and Sakurai, K. (2001). Two competing mechanisms underlying neon color spreading, visual phantoms and grating induction. Vision Research, 41, 2347-2354

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