Animation that does not require animation: Art of anomalous motion illusion or "minimal animation".

Published in the fifth annual meeting of the Japan Society for Animation Studies (2003/6/28-29) at the Kyoto University of Art and Design, Kyoto, Japan (2003)

Abstract. A group of illusions that display motion in stationary objects are called "anomalous motion illusions". They are represented in a stationary image or sheet, so it may seem that they have nothing to do with animation. But anomalous motion illusions and animation have something in common when considered from the viewpoint of neural mechanisms of motion perception. It is because motion perception depends on the cortical areas specialized to motion perception (e.g. MT/V5), modules different from those for shape or color perception. By exhibiting some of anomalous motion illusions, I would like to share the recognition of the close relationship between anomalous motion illusions and animation. (Originally in Japanese)

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