Slope illusion 5

Outdoor tilt illusion where an ascending slope appears to descend or a descending slope appear to ascend

e.g. Magnetic Hill in Canada; Wikipedia

since November 7, 2012

A survey of the "Ghost slope" located in Okagaki-town, Onga-county, Fukuoka-prefecture, Japan

November 5, 2012, reported by Akiyoshi Kitaoka and Seiichi Tsuinashi, supported by a JSPS kaken-hi grant and R-GIRO

Copyright Akiyoshi Kitaoka 2012 (November 7) photo November 5, 2012

The neaer slope appears to decend though it ascends.

The farther slope appears to ascend though it descends.

This slope appears to ascend though it descends.

How to measure the slope

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